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“Our true evolutionary impulses are expressed in manifestations of the heart. When we lead with love, solidarity, compassion and truth, we come into fruition through self expression on a soul purpose level. It is that which elevates our potential as human beings.”


Luzura Laguz Peralta (they / them) BA, is a non binary, queer student Curandera/o, of the Mayan and Mesoamerican shamanic traditions and keeper of sacred Maya time.

Coming from Celtic Latino bloodlines; they currently reside on their homeland of North East coastal Scotland, where they share ancestral medicine ways with their community. Holding the intention of offering self empowering pathways to healing and knowing the Self that honours and reconnects the land and people.

As a Somatic Spiritual Guide and Nervous System Health Coach; they adopt a holistic approach to healing (wholeness) which acknowledges and addresses the heart, mind, body and soul. With the belief that in order for humanity to evolve, find deeper connections, meaning and fulfilment in life; we must reclaim our sacred belonging on Earth, and find ways to honour our interconnection with all beings.

Guided at by intuitive impulses and their awakened Mother; from the time they were very young they were drawn to find deeper connections and meaning in life.  This lead them on a Path of devotion to the mystery; exploring the sacred and mystical, and developing relationship with the land and Spirit. 

Following childhood kidnap, sexual abuse and rape; Luzura experienced various major health crises and initiations to Soul in adulthood. This is where they leaned into their existing 20 year bodywork practice. Applying existing knowledge from what they had learned through Somatic Experiencing and Contemporary Dance, along with Neuro-Somatic Intelligence; they were able to find resolution to the diagnosis’s that came with little hope or support from the conventional avenues of healthcare.

Becoming certified trauma educated and an ICF Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Coach taught them how to understand what was happening in the body and the brain after trauma and under stress. More notably, it provided them with scientifically backed tools and a framework to re-establish safety in the body from the bottom up, re-wire trauma and stress responses, and build resilience in the nervous system. This lead Luzura to making a full recovery from complex post traumatic stress disorder and functional neurological disorder, and gave rise to a full metamorphosis of identity.

The completion of this healing cycle and initiation equipped and informed Luzura’s practise to better serve their clients. At the forefront of Nervous System Health, Luzura knows how to safely unearth the root causes of imbalance, and meet clients unique individual needs with empathy, awareness and skill, in the correct application of tools to create lasting behavioural change.

Since establishing Third Eye in 2018 and Sacbe Cacao in 2020; they have focussed their efforts on building community, leading from the heart and soul.  They offer inclusive, trauma informed spaces for nervous system healing, self actualisation and behavioural change. Empowering others on their own healing and awakening journeys.


ways to work

I offer a non-judgemental and informed space to explore your sacred humanness and devotion to your Path. Through 1:1 ceremonial and coaching containers, soul mentorship, group classes, workshops, trainings, ceremonies and retreats; there are plenty of access points for us to work together wherever you are on your journey. 

"I ride the waves to the shore of my own becoming"

- Luzura Peralta


"I was navigating through a lot of old wounds and patterns surfacing in my life that was causing internal chaos and confusion. Memories of past trauma & relationships had been rocking my nervous system for some time, it only felt right to be held and assisted through the necessary process of healing & releasing. I’ve been to many of Luzura’s group Cacao Ceremonies so I know how potent their work is, but this 1:1 session was like nothing I had experienced before. I felt so much energetically shifting through my body & energy systems. The visualisations that they guided me through were incredibly powerful portals that helped me cut away anything that was no longer serving. Luzura is incredibly gifted and I’m always blown away with their connection to the other realms and deep wisdom to help guide their spaces and containers. I would wholeheartedly recommend being held in one of Luzura’s ceremonies, especially at this current time with what’s happening energetically within the collective."

- Aiyana Grace

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