Cancer Season Self Care

Cancer has aligned with the Sun where it’ll stay until we enter Leo season July 23rd. I personally love how the seasons flow from the sign ruled by the Moon (Cancer) to the sign ruled by the Sun (Leo). It feels like a potent opportunity to refine my ability to ebb + flow + explore the duality found in all things, including myself.

From darkness to light.
From inner to outer worlds.
From Yin to Yang.

We can deepen our learning that our lives are composed of opposing forces. Forces which masterfully complement one another; creating harmony + balance. This is true for all parts of our being. And it is through this practise of exploring + embracing all parts of ourselves; understanding the functions + roles they play in the whole, that we can find a better state of wholeness + balance in mind, body + spirit.

With Cancer’s ruling planet being the Moon, it is also the sign linked to the water element. This is why it is linked with our limbic system, emotions + the subconscious mind. The Moon is known to house our intuition + not only move the ocean tides but also move the tides within our emotional waters + blood. Typically this is cue from nature to slow down + nurture our physical + emotional needs. You may find this a useful time to reflect upon the previous 6 months + tune into your intuition to guide you forwards. It is the season to take greater notice of your emotions, digestion + /or menstrual cycle + also allow more space for rest + flexibility to flow.

R i t u a l s  .  P r a c t i c e s  .  P l a n t  M e d i c i n e s 

++ Check in with how you feel — emotionally, energetically + mentally.

  • Practise this 2-3 x / day with compassion + acceptance, cultivating deeper awareness of all parts of Self in a nurturing way.
  • Notice what takes you out of harmony + what nourishes you on each of these levels.

++ Journal your dreams — the realm of the subconscious mind.

  • Commit to a daily morning practice, jotting down everything you can remember as soon as you waken.
  • Explore dream herbs such as mugwort, blue lotus, passionflower, guayusa + calae sacatechichi**
  • Use The Dreamer Ritual Kit (see below) to create your own sacred bed time ritual + begin to discover the hidden messages held within your subconscious. Intuitive dream interpretation can help you access greater healing, personal growth + creativity, through becoming aware of that which you are not usually aware of.

**These herbs can be taken as a tea + have a powerful effect on the body’s intuitive mind, ability to recall dreams, enter lucid dream states + can also assist in reaching visionary dream states.

++ Attend a cacao ceremony / hold your own personal cacao ritual — ceremonial cacao stimulates our dopamine receptors (what makes us feel pleasure) + guides us into a place of receptivity, softening + flow. Known as a powerful tonic to nurture the heart, helping you journey deeper into the wisdom of your body + the emotions present.

I have two opportunities for you to join me for ceremony during Cancer season:

  • In-person
    Saturday, July 3rd @Bonobo Cafe, Aberdeen, 6-8pm
  • Virtual
    Sunday, July 18th via Zoom, 10.30-12.20am

Book here to join

Next season, I will be holding a very special in-person Cacao + Fire Ceremony on August 21st in our new 8m bell tent set within sacred woods in Aberdeenshire. However, early bird tickets + two-part payment plan options close July 10th. So be sure to check that out sooner, rather than later!

Please note: this will be my last in-person ceremony for the year 2021.

++ Lunar work — Learning to flow with the natural cycles as a tool for self awareness + growth, fine tuning  intuition + connection with the emotional body + finding greater sense of fulfillment through honouring when to rest + reflect + when to plan + take action.

  • Track the Moon’s cycle using a calendar or app + learn where your natal moon is located on your astrological birth chart.
  • Take note of how you feel throughout the course of a lunar cycle, as she waxes + wanes. Notice any fluctuations in energy + mood, eating + thought patterns.
  • Join us for our virtual New Moon Circle to set some intentions as we begin a fresh cycle under the Cancer Moon.

++  Shadow work — a practice of deep deep healing + self growth that requires surrender + trust which leads to cultivating acceptance + compassion.

  • Review your child-hood (where most of us hold the greatest amount of trauma), without blame or shame.
  • Create awareness of your shadow (when you act in a way that is not in alignment with your true self, destructive + often further damaging to the relationship you hold with yourself + others) + awareness of your triggers (what causes you to act out in the present from something relating to the past).
  • Take ownership / make friends with your shadow (through acceptance) + use your triggers (through compassion) as an opportunity practice self growth.
  • Build a solid support network of sacred allies who understand the nature of this work + can hold space for you in times of need. This could be soul sisters/brothers, or a self growth / spiritual community that provides you with a safe container to be heard + witnessed.

It is important that we remember that we are not here to pass judgement upon ourselves or others with this work. It is challenging work but very rewarding.

++ Embodiment work — anything that helps you drop into the body + away from the thinking mind, helping you to better understand the wisdom of the body + develop a clear channel of communication + sense of self. All through bringing greater awareness to the emotions + sensations felt in the physical body.

Embodiment practices are vast + varied but these are my favourites:

  • Any type of expressive, ecstatic, intuitive, primal, archetypal or elemental movement.
  • Voice activation.

++ Breathwork journey — using guided Holotropic breathwork techniques as a powerful tool to reach altered states of consciousness + release emotional blockages.

Please note that whilst this practice is completely safe for most individuals, it has the potential to bring about intense physical + emotional release.

I personally enjoy working with Sven Kimenai who holds breathwork journey’s online.

Tip: create enough time in your schedule for deep rest + integration afterwards. I recommend following these journeys with journaling, drinking lots of water + taking a bath with some healing music playing.

++ Womb / Belly + Breast Self Massage — using touch to nurture these areas of the astrological body (of Cancer) where we tend to store most of our bodily fluids. Additionally helping to bring balance to the emotional body + stimulate the sacral, solar plexus + heart chakras (our portals of creativity, inspired action + truth).

      – Perform your self massage with a natural oil infused with essential oils.
      –  We currently have our Luna Ritual Oil on sale or perhaps you wish to mix your own.

++ Pineal Gland / Third Eye Chakra Meditation — bringing awareness to the origin from which consciousness is said to come from, in order to further activate the centre of intuition. The “seat of the soul” also controls our natural rhythms (from sleep to our menstrual cycle) + plays a role in our dreams + visionary states.

If you have any questions, or comments I would love to hear from you. You can reach out via email or tag us on your posts + stories in instagram so we can celebrate + be inspired by your devotion + rituals.

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