EARTH BODY: An Earth Day Celebration

A two hour sacred journey through inner landscapes with Cacao, Eco-Somatic Meditation, Embodied Animism + Despacho Ritual, guided by experienced space holder Luzura Peralta.

This is an opportunity to explore, honour + nurture our Earth bodies; and to extend the same loving care to the body of our Earth Mother, through the practice of gratitude, reciprocity + intention.

We will move + connect with the greater web of relations that we share this planet with, dissolving separation from our inner + outer worlds, to arrive in wholeness + unity.

All bodies are welcome here.

Ceremonial Cacao: A gentle heart opening scared plant medicine of the Maya people. We will be drinking a ceremonial dose of Sacbe Cacao from Ecuador. Hibiscus tea will be offered to those with health contradictions*

Eco-Somatic Meditation: A somatic journey through our Earth body + the body of Mother Earth; to bring felt sense recognition that we are not separate from nature through ecological consciousness, that allows us to cultivate a greater sense of belonging within the greater web of livingness.

Embodied Animism: A movement practice to inhabit our own animal body + explore embodiment as a practice from which we can deepen our relationship to the other-than-human world.

Despacho: A sacred tradition from the indigenous people of Peru, which involves crafting a prayer bundle for Mother Earth using natural materials, with the intention of restoring harmony + balance. We will co-create a beautiful mandala, which we will infuse with our gratitude + prayers for the land we abide on.

*pregnant + breast feeding woman / heart conditions / high blood pressure / SSRI + anti-psychotic medications / epilepsy

Please note: These ceremonies are intended for those aged 18 + over. All gender identities, and body types welcome. Queer + bipoc folks are encouraged to join – we have a limited number of discounted tickets for this community, see below.

The animacy of the world is something we already know, but the language of animacy teeters on extinction—not just for Native peoples, but for everyone. Our toddlers speak of plants and animals as if they were people, extending to them self and intention and compassion—until we teach them not to. We quickly retrain them and make them forget. When we tell them that the tree is not a who, but an it, we make that maple an object; we put a barrier between us, absolving ourselves of moral responsibility and opening the door to exploitation.”

 ― Robin Wall Kimmerer

Luzura’s Path is in devotion to dissolving the structures of separation + oppression; advocating for ecological resolution, unity + freedom for all beings on Earth.
The STANDARD TICKET ticket sales has ended!
The LQBTQIA+ / BIPOC - discounted ticket ticket sales has ended!


22 04 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 22 04 2023
  • Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Queen St, Aberdeen AB10 1AP


Luzura Peralta

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