– Heart opening + Empowering –

“Our first teacher is our own heart”
~ Cheyenne proverb
We are self healing organisms.
In this ceremony, you will be guided by Third Eye + Sacbe Cacao founder Melissa Peralta to explore your unique + authentic expression. Cultivating inner freedom + empowerment, through reclamation of self. Stripping back the layers to your most primal state, to make space for deeper healing.
A full moon is the the peak energy point of the lunar cycle. It offers us an opportunity to celebrate, activate + release. It is an invitation for expansion; to step into your power by burning away + releasing anything holding you back from being in your fullest expression.
Ceremonial Cacao guides you on a journey into the depths of your emotions + connect with the truth of your heart to allow for authentic expression. Through this potent weaving of plant medicine with intuitive movement, breath-work + mindfulness practices, we can come home to ourselves.
The movement we invite in through our body + our breath creates a gateway to explore higher states of consciousness, self awareness + invoke shifts in perception. Movement is our own uniquely self sustaining medicine. And the beauty is, this medicine is available to you at any given moment.
The practices shared are designed to assist you in moving from your thinking mind into your emotional body, so you can arrive into the present moment to feel into everything within you + meet it with full acceptance + unconditional love.
Regular embodiment practices can help support your vision for your personal evolution, through the physical act of embodying what you are desiring to call in, create + experience in this one precious life. This is a powerful manifestation tool for those looking to integrate the work you’ve been doing on yourself + level up.
This is the journey; discovering new found self artistry + appreciation through embodying your divinity.
What to expect:
+ Mayan Cosmovision
+ Astrological Lunar Insights
+ Cacao Ritual
+ Meditation 
+ Breath-work
+ Guided Embodied Movement
+ Ecstatic Dance Journey
+ Community Sharing Circle

Important Information

Please note that replays are not available for this event.

Bookings close 1 hour prior to event.

Please reach out if for any reason you have not received the Zoom link to join 2 hours prior to the event start time. 

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25 03 2021


7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 25 03 2021
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm



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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Full Moon Ecstatic Dance & Cacoa Ceremony. I have been struggling with overcoming loss for a few weeks now and through Melissa’s calm demeanor and wonderful way of containing her fellow sisters in a safe space I was able to finally let go of my emotions and feel what I have been holding back without the fear of being judged. The cacoa ceremony connected me with Mother Earth and gave me a new found energy to meet the intentions I have set for myself. Through the ectsatic dance I was able to lose myself and just feel once more. I really recommend this ceremony for anyone struggling to find and connect with themselves!

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