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1:1 Sessions:


temple tattoo ceremony

6 hrs / £350

A sacred ceremony to weave an adornment of intention on the altar of your temple body to honour a threshold.

Includes; opening ritual with intention setting, elemental cleansing, small hand poked tattoo, vortex energy healing, sound therapy, herbal tea and ceremonial cacao.

*bespoke offerings for couples + small groups are available upon request, please contact directly to discuss your vision + costings*


Traditional Mayan Medicine

90-120 mins / £150-£250

A traditional energetic cleansing ritual of “Limpia”, works with the four elements of earth, air, fire and water to clear the body’s auric field of negative energy. 

Incorporating copal sacred smoke, fresh herbs, obsidian stone and channelled prayer. Your session will close with a flower bath, candle blessing, sacred oil anointment and ceremonial Cacao to seal light and gratitude into your body, heart and soul.


*also available as a joint ritual for pre-wed couples looking to clear energies of the past to provide a harmonious base for the future*



3-4 hours | price upon request

For those looking to take an exploratory journey or mark a threshold with their partner or loved ones in a meaningful way. A sacred ceremony working intuitively with various healing modalities to acknowledge, honour + celebrate what is alive at this time.

At your chosen space or option to hire our 8m luxury temple tent.

Bespoke experience; get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Anniversary | Wedding | Solar Return | Blessingway | Coming Out 



Cacao Ritual

90 mins / £80

Deepen your connection with the spirit of Cacao

Learn how to utilise the power of your Nawal*

Engage in the art of ritual

Live in a more sacred way

Refine your inner listening

Deepen your connection to body and spirit


* You will need to book a Mayan Astrology Reading with Luzura beforehand if you wish to explore this aspect of Self.



Online and in-person options


Movement | Meditation | Art


60 mins / £80

An exploratory and therapeutic offering, for those looking to deepen their connection to their body, the body of our Earth + the greater web of relations we share this planet with. 

Utilising nature inspired somatic exploration, animistic embodiment and creative practice to experience new forms of creative expression, ways of being and relating that activates aliveness and builds trust through a sense of greater belonging.

Online session


Re-attune | release | Rebalance

Resonance Reset

120 mins / £111

A therapeutic session to balance the nervous system; blending sound therapy* + vortex energy healing to promote relaxation & regulation within the emotional, physical & energetic bodies to help the body heal itself.


*Metal + crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, koshi chimes, shamanic drum.


Resilience | growth | performance

Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Coaching / ICF Accredited

INervous system coaching, using evidence backed tools which bridge the worlds of applied neurology and somatics to supports overall nervous system health. Through creating safety in the body, addressing sensory deficits and mismatch; you will become more aware of your own unique nervous system’s needs, and have a toolbox you can pull from to self regulate. Daily nervous system training will enable you to build resilience and gain altitude in stressful situations so you can respond with your truth from a place of mental clarity and bodily presence. 

This work brings simple and effective tools which you can easily implement into your day to support creating a stronger, more adaptable nervous system that allows for inner resolve that helps to show up as your full and true self; improving quality of life through better health, relationships & results in your work.


 Emotional regulation | trauma resolution | behavioural change

   – Create lasting change from the foundation of your nervous system.

   – Build a stronger connection between your brain + your body.

   – Understand the root cause of negative outputs (symptoms + behaviours). 

   – Create safety in the body that allows for lasting transformation.

   – Re-wire your brain to achieve more positive responses to stimulus; whether that be within a current situation, past unresolved trauma or old patterns / ingrained beliefs.


I have a personal interest and experience using the NSI framework to assist those with eating disorders, addiction, PTSD, FND, panic attacks, chronic anxiety and agoraphobia.

However, NSI coaching is for everyone who wants to improve how they relate to their body, environment and others. This work is also sought out by high achieving professionals and entrepreneurs to improve their capacity for managing multiple moving parts with presence and without burn out.


 What you receive:

 – 4 x 1.5 hour private sessions per month, held weekly online with Luzura

 – Personal life-work plan to integrate in-between sessions

 – Telegram or What App chat for additional support




£400 per month

Minimum 4 month commitment.

*one-off 1.5 hour coaching sessions can also be arranged where available for those who have previously worked with Luzura for at least 1 month / £150 per session.


Who is this for?

Those seeking to improve their well-being through addressing both the brain & body to re-pattern the subconscious mind, release deep somatic stories, gain emotional agility, improve presence, and connection with self and others.


Resilience | growth | performance

Vortex healing

1 hour energy healing session with Luzura

Online or in-person



About Mayan Massage / Abdominal Therapy 

The Maya believe the health of our abdomen is the central point to healing. 

Viewed as the place where we store our emotions, and vital energy; imbalances that occur within our stomach are therefore seen to be the cause of many illnesses & disease. A claim that is now being widely recognised within Western Medicine.

These gentle massage & manipulation techniques focus on the abdominal muscles, connective tissues, & internal organs to realign energy, restore balance and improve blood flow to organs, which in turn improves the body’s ability to heal.

Limpia Ritual

Limpia translates to “clean” and refers to an ancient ritual which can heal all sorts of

Illnesses on a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic level. Cleaning is done in various ways and with different elements such as plants, copal incense, eggs, salt, candles, lemon, brandy, tobacco, and agua de florida; whose function is to absorb & neutralise negative energies. Limpias are always additionally held with prayer.

Soul Retrieval

A profound healing ritual for the symptoms of Susto.

Susto is described as chronic somatic suffering stemming from emotional trauma or from witnessing a traumatic event / experiences lived by others. Leaving one in a state of shock or fright; often seen after a loss of a loved one, sudden accident, physical / sexual / emotional abuse, environmental disaster or war.

The way Traditional Mexican Medicine sees it is that when we lose part of our soul due to illness or trauma; we lose our vitality & connection to life. This may be expressed as a lack of appetite, weight loss, IBS, depression, extreme anxiety, dissociation, panic attacks, insomnia and more. 

The practice of working with “soul loss” can be said to be both a psychological, somatic and spiritual experience.

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