I’m a firm believer in calling upon the help of our trusted plant allies. Lately my favourite self care practise has been using the Luna Yogi Oil as a hair mask which has been so deeply nourishing not just for reviving my hair but also my mind. 
This natural multi-use oil is hand-blended by myself with loving intention under each New Moon. Using only the highest quality ingredients + essential oils, it can be used on the skin for massage or Abhyanga + also added to your bath. This blend smells so deliciously sensual, it’s always a dream to use. Another dreamy feature is that it’s packed in an eco-friendly amber glass bottle which comes with a reusable drawstring hessian bag. 

This mask has been my absolute go to for keeping hair + emotional stress under control. Getting a hair cut has been a no go during these times so it’s helped with giving some much needed love to split ends! It’s been especially useful to locking moisture back in after all the sea salt exposure from wild swimming. My hair has grown HEAPS over these past few month, which I’m fully delighted about, as it’s been my goal to get it healthy + long in time for my wedding next year. 
Sharing is caring, so let’s get into this!


1. Gently warm oil by placing desired amount (generally 2 tbsp for whole head or 1 tbsp if just doing the ends) in a heat proof container immersed in hot water.

2. Apply to hair + massage into the scalp

3. Wrap hair in a preferably warm towel & let the magic unfold for at least 30 minutes

4. Wash out by adding shampoo to hair first before water. Rinse + repeat shampoo if desired.


Seals in moisture+ Improves shine + vitality+ Stimulates hair growth


Research found unique properties in Lavender which helps generate cell growth — Hello long healthy hair!+ Damage control — reduces external stresses to your hair+ Soothes scalp+ Promotes mental clarity

photo lavender flower field under pink sky
Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com


Improves hair texture + reduces breakage+ Eases Anxiety+ Smells delicious + Balances masculine + feminine energy 


Originating from India

Derived from the roots of this tall strong grass, which can help to boost the hair’s collagen production. This makes it especially good for ageing or damaged hair due to heat styling or colouring… Which, let’s face it we all love a bit of!+ Repels head lice+ Soothing


Decreases mental fatigue

From my heart to yours, 


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