How to Create a Sacred Yoni Steam + Cacao Ritual

A new lunar cycle is always a good time to seek clarity about what you’d like to call into your life. When the new moon rises, we can view it as a blank slate, as such. This moon phase is encouraging us to reflect + take stock of what’s unfolded over the past month, so we can integrate lessons + get clear about our direction moving forwards. Clarity can be a tricky one though, as the moon becomes less illuminated, so does our ability to see things clearly. Our energy drops, as it guides us to slow down + go inwards. Navigating this stage of the moon with intention requires introspection, surrender + trust. 

This upcoming Virgo New Moon is a potent one. It’s the first of a series of 3 super moons which will accumulate between now and December. Mars has just entered retrograde causing unrest, and to be honest that’s not even the half of  the cosmic forecast. The cosmic weather has been particularly dynamic this year, and I think it’s safe to say it is reflecting in what has been unfolding around the world throughout 2020.

So with that being said, never has it felt more important to focus on our well-being. My main 2020 survival tip? Practise self-care religiously + seek out new tools to ground + empower yourself. A new moon is the perfect opportunity to give your holistic self care rituals some extra attention + perhaps even an upgrade!

Adaptability, resilience, patience + compassion are key to approaching uncertainty with grace. When we start shifting our perceptions; viewing challenges as opportunities for growth, unknowns as infinite possibilities + mistakes as gifts that allow us to see where we can improve, we can enter the eye of the storm + still operate in a way that serves ourselves, our loved ones + our community.

+  S A C R E D  –  C A C A O  +

Ceremonial Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that can serve to support us on a physical, emotional +  energetic level. It is a mild stimulant with potent heart opening qualities. When we work with Cacao, we set an intention for how we wish for the medicine to support or guide us that day. It helps to break down barriers in the mind, open ourselves to heal wounds + trauma from the past +  connect with ourselves + others in a more heart centred way. It holds a strong feminine essence that feels deeply nurturing, wise + grounding. Cacao is a safe container for us to explore our inner landscape + express ourselves authentically through our words + actions.

As reflected in nature, with the beginning of the lunar cycle (new moon), it is stipulated that at the beginning of the menstrual cycle wombyn become even more intuitive + open to downloads of insight + wisdom. However, entering this state requires us to consciously choose to honour our bodies by taking deep rest, seek solitude + nourish ourselves wisely to allow our bodies to regenerate + integrate.

Cacao is mineral rich; containing high amounts of iron, magnesium + antioxidants to replenish our system. It contains compounds which relaxes + widens blood vessels, improving blood flow + as a result, reducing menstrual cramps. This is what makes working with Cacao during menstruation such a powerful medicine to support our bodies, especially during the first two days of our cycle. When we work with sacred Cacao during our menstrual phase, we can amplify our divine feminine essence + connection to Mother Earth.

+ V – S T E A M  +

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Yoni steaming, much like Cacao ritual, is an ancient healing tradition originating from indigenous cultures. This practise involves using a blend of organic plants + herbs specifically designed to  promote healing in the womb space. By applying gentle heat +moisture through herbal steaming, the medicinal properties in the plants not only soothe the external vagina, but are through this method absorbed deep into the bodies tissues. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, they circulate into the reproductive system where they can then help to stimulate healing + regeneration. The importance of proper circulation + full clearance of each menstrual cycle is especially important in achieving optimal fertility.  

Yoni steaming has many physical benefits, not limited to the below:

 + Eases pre-menstrual pain associated with cramping + Improves menstrual flow + Reduces menstrual bloating + Encourages a more regular cycle + Reduces vaginal dryness The word “Yoni” is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “source”.  It is used to describe the female reproductive system, the place of all creation. In Hinduism, it is associated with the goddess Shakti who symbolises divine feminine essence, power + expression. 

So when is the best time to nourish your womb space with a Yoni steam?
First + foremost, this practise should not be performed whilst you are bleeding or ovulating or pregnant. Generally you’ll want to steam 1-2 times a month. The optimum time to steam is one week before your period is due, then again just after your period has ended for cleansing + energising.


To celebrate our womb-hood, we have teamed up with London based Holistic Yoni Care company From Felicia to offer you a FREE “Balanced Goddess Blend” Yoni Steam with every Cacao purchase from our online store starting on the Virgo New Moon, Sept 17th. We have a limited amount of Yoni Steams available, so make sure to get your order in fast to claim yours! These will go to our first 15 goddess’. The Yoni – Cacao Ritual is a practise that guides us to re-connect to your innate womb wisdom + feminine essence. This holistic healing aids us in cultivating a deep loving relationship with our wombs, our cycles + nature. Through this opening we can gain access our intuition more easily + unleash our creative power. 

This practise is about slowing down + being fully present within your body. Drinking ceremonial cacao whilst yoni steaming is a powerful way to check in with both your heart space + your womb space. It gives you the time + space to observe what is most alive in your heart + womb spaces. As women our womb is our place of divine creation, not just life, but for new ideas + projects to be birthed from.

I recommend a 3-part breath-work practise whilst performing a Yoni-Cacao Ritual. Conscious breath-work helps to relax the mind + womb, allowing the medicines to integrate deeper into the bodies tissues by inviting in more oxygen. This practise also helps to create presence within the body whilst you sip + steam.

  • Prepare a sacred space for your ritual where you will not be disturbed. Light a candle, burn a natural incense such as Mayan Copal.
  • Use the Copal to cleanse your space of any unwanted energies + promote a sense of grounding. You can also direct the smoke around your Cacao as an offering to bless your medicine, as per Mayan tradition.
  • Turn your phone on silent + play some gentle music to guide you, such as our Womb Healing with Cacao playlist, below. 
  • Holding your Cacao in both hands at your heart, close your eyes + start by taking 3 deep inhales + exhales, focussing on relaxing the body with the exhale, especially the lower half of the body. Let your belly be soft + your yoni be open to receive healing. Give yourself some time to arrive into sacred space for your ritual.
  • Take a moment to listen + observe what is most alive in your heart that day. Bring awareness to any part of the body that feel like they are still holding onto tension + breathe deeper into those spaces.
  • When you are ready set an intention for what you are looking to call in through your Yoni-Cacao ritual. You can speak these words aloud on internally to your heart space.
  • Take your first of Cacao, keep your awareness at your heart as you allow the seed of your intention to be planted with the seed of Cacao within you. Whilst you continue to drink, close your eyes between each sip, taking your time to tune into all of your senses + feel into any sensations within the body.
  • Once you’ve finished your Cacao you can begin the 3-part breath. Begin by placing both hands on your womb space, closing the eyes + bringing your awareness to your womb. Inhale into the belly for 2 counts, allowing it to be pregnant with air. Inhale into the heart space for 2 counts, feeling your chest expand, then exhale out-with the mouth slowly for 8 counts making a “haaaaaa” sound. You can perform this breath for 5-10 minutes.
  • On completion of your breath-work, you may wish to journal or sit in quiet contemplation.
  • After you’ve finished your Yoni – Cacao ritual, take some additional time to lie down + perform a womb massage. Our Luna Yogi Oil is a beautiful partner for this practise, offering a relaxing blend of Lavender, Vetiver + Ylang Ylang essential oils.
  • Thank yourself for the self-love + care and thank the plants for their support in  your healing. You can then offer them back to the earth in your garden or another outside space.

Take 20-30 minutes for yourself to perform Yoni-Cacao Ritual. However, please note that it is not suitable for some to steam longer than 10 minutes.  Ceremonial Grade Cacao can be purchased from our shop, where you’ll find a range to choose from. We find Vibrant Vitality particularly useful to use during our moon days; A powerful blend of Ecudorian Cacao with Maca to support energy levels + balance hormones,Turmeric to reduce inflammation + Ashwagandha for soothing + calming the mind + body. We are proud to be the only UK stockist + distribution partner of Firefly Cacao. To browse the full range of Yoni Holistic Care by From Felicia visit: Here you can also access additional guidance on yoni steaming + find out more about its benefits through the blog section of their website.

Take 20-30 minutes for yourself to perform Yoni-Cacao Ritual. However, please note that it is not suitable for some to steam longer than 10 minutes.

To browse the full range of Yoni Holistic Care by From Felicia


Here you can also access additional guidance on yoni steaming + find out more about its benefits through the blog section of the website.

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