Chaga: Body Guard

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Chaga helps to reduce oxidative stress, suppresses cancer progression, helps protect the immune system, reduced inflammation, increases physical endurance, can improve diabetic health, promotes cognitive function, can help relieve pain.


Anima Mundi grow their beloved medicinal Chaga mushrooms in a small farm 100% organically + sustainably in Washington State, USA.

Their mushrooms powders are all cell wall extracted for optimized bioavailability, + contain both fruiting bodies + mycelium.

“Although we love + respect ethically wildcrafted mushrooms and herbs, we purposefully source our mushrooms from a small organic farm to impede the depletion of the wild. Particularly Chaga being in danger of extinction, we exclusively support organic farming of this precious mushroom to avoid extinction. If you can forage your own small supply (that’s awesome!) but be mindful and always leave some behind.” ~ Anima Mundi


+ 100% Organically Grown

+ Cell Wall Extracted (zero fillers or processors!)

+ 9% Beta Glucans

+ Blend contains the sclerotium + mycelium

*Side Note: The sclerotia, fruiting body, and mycelium all have unique medicinal properties.



Organic Chaga

5oz ~ 36 x 1 tsp servings

Amber glass jar




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