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Cacao is a powerful plant medicine for the mind, body and spirit, offering many health benefits with an abundance of anti-oxidants and mood lifting components. Cacao invites you to slow down and nourish yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.

When you create a conscious relationship with Cacao, you drink with intention, allowing space for self discovery to unfold as you improve your overall well-being and discover the magic of ritual.

This Cacao has made into easy to use chocolate discs by Firefly Chocolate + packaged in resealable bags.

No chopping required, just mix the discs with hot water in a blender. You want to make sure your water is not boiling hot, as this denatures the medicinal properties within the Cacao. Aim for 75-80c.

Alternatively whisk in saucepan over medium heat. If you wish, you can add a touch of unsweetened plant based milk, natural sweetener such as maple syrup, coconut sugar, ethical honey or agave to taste. Also, if working with a pure Cacao you may wish to add spices such as cinnamon, cardamom or cayenne as per Mayan tradition.

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Average Dosing Guidelines:

Ceremonial dose – 40g (18 discs) mixed with 1 cup liquid

Daily dose – 20-25g (9-10 discs) mixed with 1/2 cup liquid

These guidelines are to make a rich and creamy cup of Cacao. You may wish to play around with the volume of liquid used until you find a consistency that suits you.

You can learn more about this Cacao here.

And about our 4 week Sacred Cacao Journey here. This is a deep dive into the heart, cultivating a sacred relationship with ceremonial cacao; including live digital ceremonies with our founder Melissa, personal daily ritual, journaling, embodiment practices, breath-work, guided meditation and more.

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FireFly Cacao

Glowing Guatemala 8oz, Glowing Guatemala 16oz, Medicinal Mushroom 8oz, Vibrant Vitality 8oz, Vibrant Vitality 16oz, Tantric Rose Blossom 8oz, Tantric Rose Blossom 16oz, Boundless Belize 8oz

1 review for Firefly Ceremonial Cacao

  1. Diane Stephen (verified owner)

    Boundless Belize is truly magical. It was an amazing journey to see how this cacao affected my creative expression. I specifically used it for a morning ritual during a period where I needed to dig deep to tackle some tasks in a creative way with which I had been feeling blocked. I truly felt expanded, energetic, open and in flow, more joyful and alert. It was a fascinating contrast from Vibrant Vitality which grounds me in the most incredible way. I am looking forward to journeying deeper with cacao after these experiences. Feel absolutely full of gratitude for having been guided towards them!

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