Moon Facial Steam

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A wildflower blend to deeply cleanse and repair the skin before lulling you into a dreamy restful sleep.

Crafted using organic or wild-harvested botanicals selected for their skincare benefits.


Designed to elevate your evening skin-care ritual, whilst also helping to promote a good night’s sleep.

Recognising that our mental well-being and sleep are just as important to the health of our skin, alongside the products we use.


+ deeply cleansing and purifying

+ increases circulation to promote healing

+ nourishes skin for dewy glow

+ clams the mind to promote restful sleep


Suitable for all skin types.


150ml glass jar.

contains 6-8 steams.


Ingredients —

From seed to bottle with NO synthetics, NO water, NO preservatives and always cruelty-FREE

Hops Flowers, Mugwort Leaves, Valerian Root, *Rose Petals, *Lavender Flowers, Chamomile Flowers

*Organic Ingredient



Calming for the mind and the skin. The polyphenols and phytochemicals in Chamomile are known to speed up cell regeneration and protect against harmful free radicals found in pollution. Chamomile also contains an antioxidant called apigenin which binds to specific receptors in the brain to decrease anxiety and initiate sleep.


Mugwort is considered a multitasking ingredient. It contains Vitamin E to soothe the skin and help it retain moisture, antioxidants to prevent premature ageing, and anti-fungal properties to prevent acne. It’s also believed to ‘open up chambers of ancient memory within the brain, bringing to one’s dream life stirring visions …that assist us in remembering old, unwritten ways of healing and living that attend to the needs of spirit and soul.’ (Judith Berger – Herbal Rituals).


Rich with antioxidants that strengthen skin cells and regenerate tissue, Rose is also naturally anti-inflammatory to soothe any blemishes. Used by the ancient Greek’s for its hydrating and softening qualities, Rose has astringent properties that revitalise skin and reduce redness.


How to use —

– take a handful of dried flowers to a large bowl of steaming hot water.

– place a clean towel over your head and find a comfortable position to lean over the bowl.

– close your eyes and breathe deeply, enjoying the calming aroma and gentle steam for at least 5-10 minutes.

– whenever you feel ready, remove the towel and let the moisture sit on your face.

– use a bamboo face cloth to dip into the bowl of cooled water. Using the flower infusion to remove any impurities the steam has drawn out of your face.


Why it works —


Our everyday skincare routines pay close attention to the epidermis – the top layer of our skin – but don’t often reach deep to remove excess oil, bacteria and pollution that collects in our pores. The warmth of this steam facial helps to relax the pores, allowing the steam to dissolve even deep-lying bacteria and pollution clogging the pores.


During the infusing process, fresh essential oils are created as they distil through the steam. The result is a low viscosity blend of essential oils suspended on steam that carries vitamin A, C, D, E, B3 directly to the lower levels of skin to soothe, repair and deeply hydrate.


This mask includes a selection of sleepy, calming herbs that will help you to slip into a quality night’s sleep, allowing the skin to restore and renew. Mugwort, linked to the energy of the moon, helps to calm the mind into a restful state. Valerian root increases levels of GABA (an amino acid known to induce sleep), while Rose lowers the levels of the stress hormone Cortisol to help trigger the body into the sleep cycle.


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