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It is a devotional self care practice, that guides you into heart-led, earth-inspired, community centred living.

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Ceremonial Cacao from the Quichuas people of Ecuador and fairly traded through small-scale, family owned farmers cooperatives.

Sacbe Cacao is sourced from Arriba Nacional beans. Organically and sustainably grown in Esmeraldas, placed in the north west Andean Mountain range and situated at 2000 meters altitude, where the bio-diversity of this land contributes to its rich flavour profile + strong spirit.


**IMPORTANT UPDATE** (March 2022)

To celebrate one year of sharing this jungle medicine with you, we have decided to give Sacbe a very special upgrade to express our gratitude.

Available for a limited time, we are delighted to offer you a very sacred and powerful Ceremonial Cacao to work with.

The same deliciously rich taste you have come to love, now infused with one of the world’s finest heirloom blends of 100% Mayan grown Criollo-Trinitario Cacao, giving Sacbe a subtle fruity after-taste.

These Cacao beans are a treasure sourced from deep within the Mayan jungles of Belize, holding an earthy + robust flavor profile with notes of caramel and pineapple.

Grown by independent Mayan farmers in the southern jungles of Belize, these are the 6th Cacao variety in the world to be given heirloom status by the Fine Cacao Association. This makes them one of the rarest + most sought after Cacao beans on Earth.



Rich, earthy + fruity flavour

Notes of fudge, plum, caramel + pineapple

Velvety smooth texture



Grounded + loving

Creative + expansive



– May ease anxiety

– Mood enhancing

– Boosts energy

– Promotes greater self awareness

– Can provide emotional support

– Increased mind / body connection

– Facilitates opening the heart space to more love, compassion + true expression




Sacbe’s founder Luzura Peralta, first started working with Cacao in 2017 whilst living in the Yucatán Peninsula; where they spent time learning about the origins + traditions of Ceremonial Cacao. After two years of deepening her relationship with the plant, she began sharing Cacao within ceremonial containers. The name ‘SACBE’ is an ode to her heart healing journey through South America, supported by the healing guidance of Cacao and it’s wisdom keepers.

‘Sacbe’ is a Yucatec Maya word which translates to “white road”.  Also known to some as “more than the road you see with your eyes”.

This is an invitation to align with your Path; by awakening and feeling into the truth of your heart.



by chopping the Cacao block roughly + placing into a blender with hot water, around 85 degrees celsius.


Meditation / Daily : 25-35g

Ritual / Ceremony: 40-45g


Cacao can be enjoyed as a daily morning ritual or in ceremony.

Amply it’s effects by exploring your inner space by pairing with journaling, meditation, breath and movement.



Theobroma cacao*

– 300 grams –


Product of Ecuador + Belize



Our pouches are eco-friendly + fully recyclable, featuring labels made from recycled wood pulp and printed with vegetable inks.

Please reuse or recycle.

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  1. Shelley MacDonald

    I got a free taster of the Sacbe with my howl at the moon subscription and wow what a delicious treat it was. It is amazen, really goes give off a more kinda decadent feel with that kinda velvety fudgieness…was pms-ing bad and it really lifted my mood and brought a smile back on my face! Lovely stuff xxxxxx

  2. Claired0

    Wow wow wow!!!! This is simply divine. It’s incredibly smooth with a real depth and richness that is incredible. Each sip is a taste sensation. I will definitely be using this as part of my daily ritual.

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