SACBE Ceremonial Cacao

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SACBE Ceremonial Cacao

£27. 00 inc. VAT

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8th December 2021


Organic Ceremonial Cacao from small-scale family owned farms.

‘Sacbe’ is a Yucatec Maya word which translates to “white road”.  Also known to some as “more than the road you see with your eyes”.

Our founder Melissa, first started working with Cacao in 2017 whilst living in the Yucatán Peninsula; where she spent time learning about the origins + traditions of Ceremonial Cacao.

After two years of deepening her relationship with the plant, she began sharing Cacao within ceremonial containers. The name ‘SACBE’ is an ode to her heart healing journey supported by the wisdom, guidance + magic of this medicine.


T a s t e

Deep + earthy flavour

Fudge + plum notes

Velvety smooth texture


E n e r g y  F e e l s

Grounded, creative + loving

SACBE takes you on a smooth journey into the richness of your heart.


Create your ceremonial drink by chopping the Cacao block roughly + placing into a blender with hot 80-85 degrees water.

Meditation dose : 20-30g

Ceremonial dose: 42g


Cacao can be enjoyed as a daily ritual. A particularly potent morning practice paired with self awareness practices such as journaling, meditation or yoga.



Theobroma Cacao

– 300 grams –

Love our Mother – please recycle or reuse our packaging.



Melissa holds space for a virtual COMMUNITY CACAO CEREMONY every month.

Everyone is welcome.

Sacbe subscriptions come with free entry!


Sign up to join our community ceremony here.

3 reviews for SACBE Ceremonial Cacao

  1. Judith Fraser

    I cannot believe the lack of bitterness in taste and the light texture of this cacao and it froths up so well. Really lovely to drink. But the feels!!!! Oh the feels!!! Initially it felt very different to Glowing Guatemala, which gives me a jolt straight into my heart upon first sip, and I thought “oh maybe I’m not going to feel as much from this”, well I was wrong… SACBE feels to me like a slower experience (and don’t we all need a lesson in slowing down), it starts to wrap around my heart like a mist and it is so very heart opening. It is definitely more potent, I had really deep visualisations during meditation and I felt my third eye open and receptive. I also feel the effects of it for longer. The loving cacao energy lasted with me for around 5 hours yesterday (and I only had approx. 15g – I am beautifully sensitive!).

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  2. Mathilda Heenehan

    Now, I have tried a few different Cacao’s but I have to say that SACBE is my new absolute fave! The texture & taste is soooo smooth, it foams up beautifully in a blender. The taste is rich but not too bitter. But the thing that got me the most was the sensations it gave me! Mind blowing visuals throughout the ceremony, I felt so deeply connected with my heart centre and Third eye. Lot’s of colours and pleasant tingles, you really can tell its made with love. This is some potent Cacao! It set me up amazingly for the day ahead, I just felt so energised and full of love & compassion. Honestly if I could give it more than 5* I would! Thank you for introducing such a wonderful product. I can’t wait to continue using it on my healing journey <3

  3. Michelle Mooney Bergson (verified owner)

    I absolutely love SACBE Cacao, this is the third type of Cacao I have tired and definitely my favourite. Perfect for a beautiful ceremony and I love the playlist also. Cannot wait to join one of the ceremonies. The service have been amazing thank you xx

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