Sacred Self Love Box

£111. 00 inc. VAT

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Sacred Self Love Box

£111. 00 inc. VAT

1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Are you ready to give yourself some unconditional love?

Create sacred self love rituals that give deep nourishment to your mind + body.

This box will guide you to invoke more self love + find a deeper connection with your divine feminine.


+ Balanced Goddess Organic Yoni Steam Herbs

by From Felicia / 1 oz pouch

A powerful blend of 7 different plants + herbs for yoni steaming. An ancient practice to cleanse, heal + bring balance to the vagina + womb.

Please note: It is not suitable to steam if you have an IUD fitted, pregnant or when on your period.


+ Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao

by Ora Cacao / 8oz pouch

The ultimate heart-opening tonic.

In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that Rose has a spiritual effect on the heart allowing it to open to feel more joy + love.

Rose also works as a calming tonic, which may help to alleviate stress + anxiety.

High in anti-inflammatory properties + magnesium, this Rose Blossom Cacao can also help reduce menstrual cramps + regulate your cycle.


Feels: Potent, Sensual, Heart Opening
Useful For: Emotional Support and Intimacy
Tastes Like: Rosé, Lavender, Bergamot


+ Rose Quartz Yoni Egg 

An egg-shaped crystal which is placed inside the vagina as part of an ancient Taoist sacred self care practice. This practice helps to enhance your connection with your body + sensuality, whilst strengthening your pelvic floor muscles + increasing sensitivity. This leads to experiencing heightened pleasure and stronger orgasms, tones the bladder and helps to rehabilitate the vagina after child-birth.

Energetically Rose Quartz helps to bring balance to the heart Chakra; increasing feelings of self-love, worthiness + compassion. This is a good stone to work with after a relationship has ended to support emotional healing.

Medium (35mm x 25mm) drilled.

Provided with a pack of eco-friendly hemp string, to be replaced after each use.


+ Self Love Guided Journal

by Note + Shine

A5 notebook, printed with earth friendly vegetable ink.

Filled with helpful journaling prompts + positive illustrations+ affirmations to support + guide you to create regular self care rituals + healthy habits to nourish your mind + body.


Usage suggestion:

Fill the pages of the journal whilst performing a Yoni Steam + Cacao ritual. Follow with your yoni egg practice.

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