Taurus Ritual Kit

£25. 00 inc. VAT

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Taurus Ritual Kit

£25. 00 inc. VAT

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Evoke the earthy energies of Taurus with our curated ritual kit, designed to help you align with the teachings of this archetype + it’s ruling plant Venus. This also makes a nice gift for that favourite Taurus in your life.


This kit is holds the frequency of natural beauty, pleasure +  love.


Taurus energy (the light)

+ Grounded in highest values + beliefs.

+ Seeks + creates beauty effortlessly.

+ In flow with the cyclical nature of life.

+ Representative of the divine feminine.




 ++ Jade Pendulum

A powerful grounding + heart opening stone.

Promotes a sense of balance + stability.

Associated with prosperity + love.

Encourages authentic expression of self by awakening deeper insights + promoting a better mind / body connection.


++ Rose + Patchouli Incense

Evoke the energies of attraction through this intoxicating + sensual blend, which honours the both the elements of earth + water.


++ The Green Balm by Magic Organic Apothecary

Multi-purpose calming balm.

Containing ‘witches herb’ Yarrow, known for it’s soothing effects on the skin.



++ Pink Spell Candle

Powder pink short taper candle.

Healing + harmonising.

Use for casting intentions around self love, compassion + relationships.


Burn time 4.5 hours.


++ Balanced Goddess Yoni Steam Herbs by From Felicia

A powerful blend of organic herbs representing the 4 elements of Mother Earth

Yoni steaming is an ancient holistic practice used across many cultures, to support womb + vagina health.

This blend has been intentionally formulated to energetically bringing balance to the masculine + feminine within; promoting a sense of grounding + flow.


Contains Venusian herbs; rose, hibiscus, raspberry leaf + mugwort (also ruled by the moon).



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