Sacbe ceremonial cacao

Ceremonial plant medicine from the jungles of Ecuador and Belize

Wholesale 300g Bags for resale
Ideal for sale in studios healing centers and cafes.

RRP: £27/bag

Wholesale prices:
+ £20.20/bag under 25 bags
+ £19.80/bag between 25-100 bags
+ £19.25/bag over 100 bags
TWO 1.300g bags 2.1-5kg bags 1-5kg bags Bulk Sacbe Ceremonial Cacao
perfect for hosting group ceremony, workshops + retreats

Our Offering:

£55 / 1kg
£130 / 2.5g
£250 / 5kg

shipping costs are quoted seperately following your enquiry

supplied in earth -friendly packaging (minimal, plastic free)

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